Broken springs

Springs on garage doors never seem to break at a good time. And they never last long enough. We hear that every day. Most springs are engineered for 10, 000 cycles. That means if you open and close your door 5 times a day, they should last around 5 years. Lots of people use the garage door as the front door. Not surprisingly, a family can easily open and close a garage door 10 times a day, thus reaching their 10,000 cycle limit in just 2 1/2 years.

What can be done to prolong a springs life? Honestly, not much. You could open your door and leave it open forever. They would last 100 years! That’s not practical though. You could use the door less….not practical either.

Why not have us install high cycle springs? Instead of 10,000 cycle springs we can install 30,000-50,000 cycle springs. They cost more typically around $30-50 dollars more, but last 3-5 years longer.

So next time your spring breaks, give us a call and tell us you want high cycle springs!