Damaged Sections

We make many repairs to garage doors. One of the more common repairs is replacing damaged sections. If a garage door is hit by the bumper of a car, damage can be slight, only causing cosmetic damage and in some cases just a small repair is in order. If it is hit harder, the entire door may have to be replaced. And then there is everything in between. If the damage only involves a section or two, they can be removed, straightened, stiffened with what is called a strut, and reinstalled. If the section is still manufactured, we can replace just the damaged piece, avoiding the cost of a new door.

Lots of times it’s not a car hitting the door; it’s the other way around. The door closes on the bumper of a car, the tongue of a boat trailer, or any number of objects that get in the path of the garage door. If the garage door and opener aren’t adjusted properly, the garage door opener will exert so much force, it will damage the garage door before it attempts to reverse. This is a hazardous and dangerous condition. And it happens a lot!

Accidents happen. But they can be avoided by making sure that there are no objects in the path of your closing door. Don’t rely on the sensors to save your property from damage. Have your door and opener properly serviced and adjusted. If it is working properly, the garage door opener simply reverses the door to a fully open position.

Suppose your door has been damaged. If left alone, the damage will worsen and spread. But if caught early, repairs can be made saving you money in the long run.