Maintaining your garage door

Your garage door is the largest moving object on your house. A properly maintained  garage door will be safer, last longer, and will serve your family for years to come.

Like most things, when a garage door is neglected, it will cause more problems, work unsatisfactorily, won’t last as long, and may become a hazard to your family.

We go to homes all the time that a spring has been broken for a while, but because the garage door opener continues to operate the door, the homeowner either unknowingly or sometimes on purpose, and continue to use the door. So, instead of us just replacing the springs, we now have to make a repair on the garage door opener as well.

In some instances, a cracked section caught early can be reinforced very reasonably. But left alone, the one crack turns into several until the door wont even close! Then we have to replace several sections, inflating repair costs.

Don’t neglect your door, and put off necessary repairs. We promise it will be a smaller pill to swallow than waiting until it gets worse.